High quality products have always been the hallmark of Aliran Kristal Enterprise. We continually reinforce our competitive edge and our invigorating corporate image with a refined identity and recognition has never escaped attention. Our main product Truvox reverse osmosis drinking water

Over the years, Aliran Kristal has been awarded with prestigious certifications including HALAL:

Truvox halal

MS 1500/20091 114-10/2017

Truvox bersekutu kementerian kesihatan malaysia

(KKM 163(55/B/77)
Punca diluluskan oleh Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia

Truvox mesti akta makanan

Akta Makanan 1983
No. Pendaftaran: B02P1130302-006437

Truvox certificate halal
Truvox certificate peraturan kebersihan
Truvox certificate peraturan makanan
Truvox certificate majlis perbandaran kajang